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Why I'm Running

Full-time career posts such as the Blount County Property Assessor seat dis-serves the public by being a partisan political position.  Leading a high-profile, highly impactful office tasked with establishing property values for County parcels requires a skill-set and experience which may not always coincide with a Republican or Democratic affiliation.  In Blount County’s current political climate, 30% of the electorate are voting Democrats, yet Democrats hold 4% of partisan political positions because of the super-majority of our community - that mean qualified candidates are not utilized.  In a world where an “R” stood for resume and “D” stood for determination, I would be a qualified candidate for the Property Assessor’s office.  I’m a proven, tested manager who has led teams through complicated projects.  I’ve been a key player, guiding fortune 50 companies through highly technical decisions that improved quality, reliability and performance.  I’m a moderate collaborator who wants to understand to both sides and find common ground.  I’m an inspiring leader who has rallied teams to keep focused on the given mission and perform to their collective best.

After the forced resignation of the previous Property Assessor, the interim candidate was not seated by the Blount County Commision in a landslide - eight of our Commissioners thought a Deputy Assessor should fill the role.  The Republicans of Blount County have a contested race for the nomination to fill this seat.  With the recent resignation of staff working for the Blount County Assessor, it is obvious to me that the staff now working for the interim Assessor feel some discontent.  I see myself as a qualified, neutral 3rd party who can rebuild the Property Assessor’s office with a focus on serving the taxpayer.  As a priority, I want to redesign the County’s Assessor Website to include informative details and links to resources to help taxpayers with their obligation if they can’t manage it with current life circumstances.  Many in the community have been frustrated by the lack of responsiveness from the Property Assessor's Office over the last few years.  The newly elected Property Assessor will need to rebuild trust within Blount County and ensure there are convenient and efficient ways for taxpayers and stakeholders to contact the office and receive a timely reply and needed support.  With a lack of leadership for 2+ years, the staff of the Assessor’s Office who have been dutifully fulfilling their obligations need to be supported and empowered.  I have been tasked with taking over in contentious environments where I won respect and cooperation by never asking anyone to do anything I wouldn’t do myself, and being willing to roll up my sleeves and help along the way.  I’ve spent my career in the manufacturing sector, where surviving and thriving in a male dominated arena prepared me to weather the challenges of the political realm.  I’m a detailed planner, effective communicator, energetic leader with an empathetic ear.  I’m ready to get to work!

About Melissa

25 years of professional experience managing people, problems and projects has molded Melissa McCrossen into a diverse and nimble leader who thrives on the challenge of re-building a program to be more efficient, effective and economical. With a can-do attitude based on principals of servant leadership, Assessor McCrossen will immerse herself in the office, assuring the tools and policies serve the staff and the constituents of Blount County. Ms. McCrossen has extensive experience in the manufacturing sector, as a Regional Manager, Database Administrator, Supervisor and Negotiator along with operational roles such as Property Manager in the residential Real Estate sector and Project Manager for a Home Improvement Contractor. She currently serves as her HOA’s President and holds a TN Real Estate Affiliates Broker License and current membership of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

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