How we can Rebuild the Office for the Taxpayer

As Property Assessor, Melissa McCrossen will rebuild the office to focus on 3 foundational points to serve you – the tax payer, and the community. 

Informative Website

The official Blount County Property Assessor’s website is inadequate to serve the interest of the people.  We don’t need a page telling us what the office doesn’t do!  Instead, the website will be revitalized to become an informative resource for taxpayers, with a robust list of frequently asked questions and a prominent listing of programs and resources such as Tennessee’s allocated funds to provide relief to the elderly, veterans and the disabled.

Community Trust

Community trust is essential when working to serve the public, and the Property Assesor’s office hasn’t lived up to its responsibility to be responsive to the constituency of Blount County.  With the recent resignation of the duly elected Assessor from 2020, the Property Assessor must acknowledge the short comings and work to show Blount County that the office is here to serve.

Office Leadership

With the resignation and interim appointment in September 2021 – the office culture of dedicated staff who have weathered the storm and continued to serve need to be celebrated. A McCrossen lead Assessor’s office will bring neutrality and a renewed emphasis on positive, productive relationships to the 15+ support staff to the Property Assessor.

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